Wonder that is Earth.

The trickling rain turns to mist as it hits the black pavement, heated by the sun’s warm embrace. The clouds part and colors of the atmosphere merge together to make a soft angelic rainbow of beautiful promise and life.
She gazes at the wonder that is this planet she currently resides on. How magnificent the planet appears to the eye of its objective beholder. She wonders why her orders given to her were the ones they are. How could she carry them out?
The alarm beeps on her wrist transmitter. She raises her wrist in front of her face and the holographic display rises with her orders presented. She enters her transmitters code and the display changes to its command center. She looks at the large blinking red command button, with hesitation in her artificial heart she raises her right index finger to the button and sighs before saying the words “initiating annihilation” and lowers her finger to the command button.

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