All, in this journey we know as life, who I have loved, have received a permanent room in my heart, but never, before you, has anyone not only got a room in my heart, but one in my soul as well. Its not only a feeling of a broken heart, or a feeling of missing you, but an intense longing for you, is tearing through my very soul. I have missed many before you, but never have I missed anyone with my soul. It is as though there is a rope tied to my soul, leading to you, one which I can stand unmoving from the pull, but never can I step back, only forward. The rope before me, is one which, if I tried hard enough, I could cut, but the strange sensation of longing I feel toward you, makes it impossible for me to want to cut the rope. Even though I know standing before you may hurt more than I can handle, I still cannot fight the pull I feel to take another step forward. Your gravitational pull is one which I can not seem to fight, not by my strength, nor desire. The question which I am unable to answer at this point, is should I take another step, stay unmoving, or force myself to cut the rope and never know what would have come for another step?


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