Is this the end?

Her legs collapsed beneath her, and she fell to the wet grass. Her head was bent down, with her hair washing over her face from the heavy rain.  Her hands fell limp at her sides, as the despair fully engulfed her soul, leaving her with not a single drop of strength to go on. The tears running down her cheeks, blended in with the rain, leaving them to appear as rain as well. She knew the end was near for her, for she had let the despair grow roots in her heart, too deep for her to demolish on her own. She looked down at her right hand, which loosely held a razor blade. The rain drops fell heavy on the razor, as if they were trying to wash it out of her hand. She moved her thumb over it, and slowly slid it to her index and middle fingers. Grasping it tighter as she knew it was the only way to be free of her pain.

Just then, the rain ceased above her. She looked up, and standing in front of her, was a kind, elderly women, holding an umbrella. She knelt down before her, bracing her free hand on her knee to keep from falling too fast. She looked deep into the young womans bright green eyes as if reading her soul. Then she moved her brown eyed gaze to the razor in the young womans hand, slowly reached to it, and gently took it from her grasp. She then stood slowly again, looking down at the young woman bellow her. The young womans eyes were immovable from the elderly woman. The elderly woman put the razor between her fingers that held the umbrella, and held her free hand out to the young woman.

She looked at the hand before her. Feeling as though this woman was an angle sent to save her, she had no strength to turn down a helping hand. So she reached her hand, and grabbed the hand before her, and rose to her feet. The elderly woman was shorter than her as she looked down into her brown eyes. The elderly woman said nothing, but lifted the corners of her mouth up into a smile, and began leading the young woman to the horizon where the clouds had parted to let down the beautiful rays of sun light.

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